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About Chef Tess


promoting fellowship among people. During Friday night homemade Pizza Nights  at her house in high school, her friends and family had the pleasure of watching her passion for baking expand. With a dream of one day opening a bakery where she could host her friends and community, she set her mind on continuing her education in the culinary field. Tess' dream of becoming a Pastry Chef became a reality when she was accepted into the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in San Antonio, Texas during her senior year of high school. 

Born into a family of makers, Tess has been baking for as long as she can remember, Her baking for the public commenced in elementary school while messing around in her kitchen hoping to impress her new friends with one of a kind cookies. Luckily for us, her skills have improved tremendously! As she grew older, she began to understand the value that food holds in


When this opportunity of a lifetime presented itself, she jumped at the idea of taking over the previous Chadds Cafe and turning it into OsoSweet Bakery Cafe. Tess hopes to run an inviting and accepting bakery cafe where guests can come to relax, enjoy a coffee and pastry, and enjoy the beauty of fellowship in her amazing new space.

During her time in Texas, she learned leadership skills (as the class sous chef), the importance of the fundamentals of baking, and how to be an independent woman in her field. Through a crazy set of circumstances (some might call it blessings!), Tess' dream of owning her own bakery came true the day she was handed her diploma!

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